Previously I was pretty much like a wheeler-dealer, having a sight on goal and just brain-storming and trying out various ways and means to get there. But after a couple of experiences this year, which have been “bad” experiences, I think i’ve pretty much matured through it all.

The goal now:
1. Work hard for success. Easy come easy go, hence do not take short-cuts.
2. Be appreciative and always be down to earth.
3. Thank God for all that I have.
4. Treasure EVERYTHING that I have, which mainly is made up of family. Friends, wealth, talents and everything else comes later to be honest.
5. Be real, be sincere, be honest. Meaning, treat others how you would want them to treat you.

Given that I’ve already taken up the task to be a commodities banker, it’s a route that I will embrace! And hence, the next few posts will largely be about what I do, more as a reflection of what I’ve learnt.

This blog, is all for me, about me, and entirely for me.