Steaks are amazing to cook at home given how easy it is to pan fry with almost the same results in a posh restaurant. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of certain types of wagyu you could find at butcheries or via their suppliers:

Aussie Wagyu Mb 4-5: SGD60 per KG
Aussie Wagyu Mb 6: SGD107 per KG
Aussie Wagyu MB 7-8: SGD125 per KG
Aussie Wagyu MB9: SGD140 per KG

Any other ribeye angus portion would be approximately SGD40 per KG and below.

A typical piece which you could ask the butcher to cut and prepare for you would be 200-300 grams, and a nice easy to eat piece is typically 1.5cm – 2.0 cm thick. It’s also faster to cook with this thickness.

Places to buy:

1. Foodie Market
2. Zac Butchery
3. Hubers
5.*Suppliers of the above (if applicable)
6. NTUC/Colds Storage/Jasons etc…

Wagyu is known for having less cholesterol which is good for the elderly and hence i’m more than willing to pay for them so that my parents could eat healthily!

More on items like Foie Gras in the following posts!