Singapore is an amazing place to eat out especially if you head to hawker centers / food courts because you can get amazing dishes at less than SGD5-10 dollars. You dont such affordable communal dining in places like Europe or for that matter, anywhere else in the world!

However, when you start eating at fine dining restaurants, thats when prices start spiking up beyond what i consider reasonble. Although not insanely accurate, here are my findings:

  • Gross profit margins at higher end restaurants are 50-70%
  • This means on average, a steak which costs SGD20 could be then cooked and sold to you at SGD70
  • Everything else is pricey because of the high rentals in Singapore and high labour costs
  • So the question is, why pay more?

And Hence, the birth of Chef D.

Learning to cook from scratch. Not for the love of it, but merely for the economics.

So Singaporean (aka cheapo).